It’s Just the Beginning…

Turns out HG and I have a lot in common–from sharing the same birthday, (October 24) to music tastes, food tastes, traveling ideas, work stuff, you name it.. not to mention the amazing sex chemistry we shared.. and how we always had sex, every time we saw each other. HG is delicious, I loved giving him blow jobs, fuck in every position, on many surfaces, and how I hard I would cum and orgasm. I made sure he came each…and…every..time too. It was effortless, fun, sweet, and did I mention sexy?

He made me feel sexy and I wanted to be sexy for him all the time. Not once during the time we were together, did I let myself go. I wanted to be my best. I always took care of myself, but I had further inspiration now. I wanted him to desire me every time he saw me. I wanted him to feel that he could not take his hands off of me.

…I just took a long pause.. at first because I was enjoying these thoughts but then woke up in my office (decided to work late again, I rarely go home “early” now unless it’s for sleep), realizing it’s not my reality and it hasn’t been for over a month now.

During the first couple of months dating HG, he was traveling a lot to KC and LA for work. I remembered when he came back from KC the second trip– it was first time he told me he missed me. Of course, I felt the same way and I let him know that I missed him too. And of course, we showed each other.

I loved the little gifts he would bring back from his trips, it showed me that he was thinking about me. I loved receiving his texts, photos— receiving those smiles from his pics. They always warmed my heart. Already a happy woman yet I felt like I was on Cloud 9 from even his simple gestures. I was always excited to see him and I was looking forward to getting to know him better.


Author: Elena

My road from heartache to finding true love (eventually)

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