The Beginning

On July 23rd 2016, I met HG on an online app called Happn. You may have or may not have heard of it before, but I was intrigued and more importantly, ready to date and hopefully possibly find love again after a few years break from my previous relationship.

At first, I was hesitant about online dating as it hasn’t worked out so much for me in the past, but HG—he was different. He was a breath of fresh air. We started texting non-stop and built excitement to finally meet for our first date which was set for July 27th.

We met for dinner and drinks at Beaker & Gray and I remember actually feeling excited to meet him and was looking forward to this date. I made sure my makeup and mani-pedi were on point. I straightened my long dark curly hair. I wore gray skinny jeans and a simple white fitted tee with minimal jewelry and gray open toe laced up boots.

I Ubered there, as I didn’t want to drink and drive-I remember I wanted to give my very best first impression. I even Googled, printed out and studied 1st date questions  to ask him– just to make sure that I was ready (fortunately, the conversation flowed the entire night). I was the first one to arrive and I picked out a table by the window where it was quiet enough to hear each other talk. I looked out the window, and there was HG. Jeans, black dress shoes, and a dark green button down shirt (looked so nice on him).

When he walked in, he was all smiles. I was instantly attracted to him. I got up to say hi and kiss him on the cheek–he smelled good! And that smile hasn’t left his face at all….until Jan 7th –which was the last time I saw him.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful first date. Yes, we kissed. Yeah, we made out, hehe. He gave me ride back home, kissed in his VW (jetta or passat?) as he told me “me tienes loco” over and over. Obviously, I was enjoying this attention, but something told me that this was not just a casual thing–my heart wanted to believe it was something more. And so I gave in, I allowed my heart to believe, to have faith—to risk now or never find out (but at a good respectable pace of course, as I believe there is plenty of time to truly know someone and let it blossom organically to something beautiful). We kissed some more and made plans to see each other that Sunday. I couldn’t wait! How good it felt, to connect with HG in such a sweet beginning.

My girl friends then picked me up, as they were in my neighborhood and wanted to hear all about my date with HG. They were so happy for me. I noticed the sprinklers were on at a the park and I suggested that we run through them. And we did! It was in the middle of the night–but what a wonderful evening.. had the most excellent date and capped it off with my best friends running through the sprinklers and feeling full hearts.






Author: Elena

My road from heartache to finding true love (eventually)

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