His Mother..

This will be a short entry–but I used to think about this often when I was alone in my thoughts about HG.

His mother passed away more than 10 years ago and he has expressed that it feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago. I was happy that he shared this with me because it made me feel closer to him. I cannot imagine the pain he has suffered in his mom, Luna, passing.

What also hurt me about this was that his ex-wife, was his support during this tough time and gave him a ton of love (not only is this an assumption, but I’d like to think so, as 12 years with someone is a big deal)–until she didn’t. What a terrible thing to do, to hurt him and betray him (even then I didn’t know then the reason for their divorce, I just could not imagine leaving a marriage after so much. I knew it must have been something grave, but I wanted HG to talk me about that on his own volition).There is so much pain that goes with that. I didn’t ever feel sorry for him about this topic, but I wished he opened up more about it. Believe it or not, this does create a deeper connection and understanding. I am sure he knows that, but he has to want to that kind of connection with me.

I have seen a few pictures of Luna, and she was a beautiful woman. They both share the same smile, and what appears to be the same laugh. At least, I like to imagine so. I loved it when he shared stories about her, especially when I didn’t ask, it only meant to me that he was opening up to me and showed him that I cared. His father, Ruben, is a sweet old man, and pretty funny too–I can see where HG got his humor and charm. I really enjoyed meeting his family. They are such nice good people. It felt natural getting along with them and I was happy to be there. Of course, I felt a bit nervous that Thanksgiving dinner, but within a few moments, the worries washed away. It felt great to connect with a fun bunch and I am sure if Luna saw HG where he is in his life now, she would be proud of him. I know I have said this to HG before, and I sure he knew, I meant with all the care I offer.





Author: Elena

My road from heartache to finding true love (eventually)

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