What is Love Person Place or Thing? 

I am so happy to be apart of a blog like this. Maybe now we can come to a consensus about what Love really is!! 

Its been formulated that the Eskimo people have about 50 words for snow. Snow being a huge part of their lives, they developed different words to describe the variations that they encountered. I believe we should dissect Love and have descriptions of the each subtle nuisance found in it. But would that take away from the beauty of it? I don’t know. Is snow still beautiful to Eskimos??

Love is one of the greatest mysteries and equally one of the most necessary components of human existence. 

Some say Love is an emotion that you feel. Other attest that Love is a conscious decision made in the brain and not the heart. And still others, who say Love makes you crazy, irrational, foolhardy even. Several swear love is a pitfall; a trap they fooled around and fell into. 

Is love the journey or the destination in this  quest to find happiness? Is it the battlefield or the weapon we use in war?

“Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

 Cool. So, where can we get some of this crazy little, many splendored, thing called love? Is it mined from the stony hearts of men? Or is it like energy only to be lossed or gained? Is it priceless or worthless? Is it better to store it up or give it away?

And when I find this love is it mine to keep? Should I share it with just my “loved” ones or is it for everybody? Or is it just for one person solely in that bond that should never be broken? Is there such a thing as too much love, and how much do I have, anyway?

A lot of questions.  I WANT ANSWERS lol. Seriously though, I look forward to discovering more about the topic through this blog and our conversations from it. I’m ready to see the different versions of love manifest themselves from within the writers and I’m excited for my personal evolution as a lover and a writer.

– Adrian Campbell of Theoryvillage


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