Connect to only Disconnect

And a memory of you pops up..

Quotes from you:

  • “I haven’t felt this way in yearssss.”
  • “It feels so good to finally really connect with someone.”

I believed you without a doubt.

And then a quote also from you when I was blindsided:

  • “I’m an idiot.”

…Why yes, yes you are.



My Truth

Oh you know.. just daydreaming.

Dear —,

I want to kiss you, feel our bodies warmth–our touch. I want to fall and rise in love with my best friend. Ride off into the sunset together and come home to each other. I want a family, sure I do–whether it ends up just being me and you or miracles of our own, I am happy. Whatever happens to either one of us or both of us we are each other’s support system. Let’s get married and love each other in every way possible. Kiss my entire body. Kiss your entire body. Worship our bodies. Nourish each other’s souls. Faithful, loyal, trust and sheer will is in my blood–offer me the same.

Be absolutely ridiculously happy.