He will always remember


He will always remember how alive you made him feel;

how you made sure to wear his favorite perfume

and the way it lingered when you left the room;

the softness of your body, fresh from the shower and the way you smelled of lemongrass, cane sugar, and green tea — refreshing! Because you loved to make things for yourself.

He will always remember the way you laughed after he told a joke;

the perfect circle your lips made as you blew, to cool, his food before you handed over the spoon;

the way your eyes smiled “Good morning, baby!” at sunrise in the morning.

He will always remember your voice on the other end of the line as he discussed nothing during his break from work.

He will always remember how you cheered for his favorite sports teams and how your flip flops kicked up rain water as he tried to cover you both with a single-person umbrella;

how you held his hand while teaching him how to two-step under the light of the moon.

He will always remember how you discussed politics over coffee and would stop to hold doors for strangers who never thanked you in return — he always admired your selflessness.

He will always remember how he wondered what you’d do if you knew he’d saved her number again;

the way he hid his deception, was lax with protection, and threw everything you’d built with him away.

He will always remember how you made him feel alive and how his favorite perfume lingered as you packed up your things and walked away.

— Written by Asha



It Is What It Is

To those who have asked; No, we are not a new blog but we are starting fresh.

We have other posts on here—all recently made private— some of them were too raw and also the fear of judgement as friends and family can find this blog. Some of us have been through recent heartache and it sucked really bad. “It was bad, bad, bad” as someone recently said.

But it’s OK— words will still flow here. Our poetry and songs will be shared here. And we will remain anonymous (for the most part).

Your thoughts and feedback are welcome here..

We look forward to sharing with you more soon.

Until then….




Still and Now

Still and Now

A Song By Midtown Savage (Blog Contributor)

Crazy how wisdom evolves in life
Sometimes I wonder what’s the purpose
and how to get past the strife

I know I’m not the only one; others can relate
But this time I’m speaking up; I won’t hesitate
We can’t go against the truths; they won’t dissipate
No time for “what ifs” but we can better communicate

Old love doing new things in the Navy
Old friend Christmas flashbacks in Haiti
Forgot about a hypocrite in New York
Until years later she butt-dialed me when I don’t have her number any more


I used to have a stalker
Following me around like a “Walker”
He’s not coming back; he’s dead
And I’m alive; already way ahead

Still and now laugh about the sweet times tho’
Still and now smile about the good times, beau

Rest in Peace to a Beauty at nineteen
I’ll never forget who you were and who you still are
The true Queen
My bright shining star

For the last few “single” years
I’m doing me with no fears
Then recently I met you, a lesson in disguise
Here I am ready to love, imagine my surprise
The rug pulled from underneath
I was lied to, a Saint Peter’s wreath

You’re solely the one to blame
Selfish, you played a game
Not a word, nothing, nada
Radio silence, you failed like the Spanish Armada

Still and now laugh about the sweet times tho’
Still and now smile about the good times, beau

I’ve moved on, my talents bloom
My heart in colors; in song
Ugliness and negativity, there’s no room
We don’t get along

Life has a beautiful way to remind you who was always there
Lessons learned, blessings received, breaths of fresh air
For the love and support, I’m thankful
For my strength and integrity, I’m grateful

Only new love by the book
Smart, fun, and sexy good looks
Love those dimples, baby, my little heart crook

Time does help with what you’ve been thru
Reminder, there are more adventures to look forward to

Still and now laugh about the sweet times tho’
Still and now smile about the good times, beau

Still and now laugh about the sweet times tho’
Still and now smile about the good times, beau

My Truth

Oh you know.. just daydreaming.

Dear —,

I want to kiss you, feel our bodies warmth–our touch. I want to fall and rise in love with my best friend. Ride off into the sunset together and come home to each other. I want a family, sure I do–whether it ends up just being me and you or miracles of our own, I am happy. Whatever happens to either one of us or both of us we are each other’s support system. Let’s get married and love each other in every way possible. Kiss my entire body. Kiss your entire body. Worship our bodies. Nourish each other’s souls. Faithful, loyal, trust and sheer will is in my blood–offer me the same.

Be absolutely ridiculously happy.